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The Changes for 2003 coming soon!

I moved the site to a new ISP several months ago and I finally have it all the way back up. Look for more user interaction in the near future.

Tonart has a new look! It has been awhile since I had time to work on the website. This format will hopefully make your trips to Tonart more useful.

What's New!
New Lessons

If you haven't already downloaded a trial copy of In-Depth Guitar v2.0, download it now!

What's new in Version 2.0? Go to the new IDG20 site to find out more.

 What is In-Depth Guitar, you ask?
In-Depth Guitar is a program that I wrote for helping you play guitar better. It is designed to help you learn more about your guitar in many ways.

Guitar Tablature
In-Depth Guitar is a sophisticated tablature program. You can create your own songs or view songs from others. The best part is that the tablature plays back through your soundcard, with all phrasing intact. Hear the bends, slides and slurs as they are written! Slow the difficult sections down and even create loops that you can return to later.

Unlike the other tab programs out there, In-Depth Guitar also has modules to help you learn more about the guitar. These modules can help you learn the notes on the neck, scale spellings and patterns and much more! Even better, new modules are being created regularly that will focus on different aspects of guitar playing.

Complete guitar lessons are new to Version 2.0. These lessons are complete with interactive sections that give you instant feedback. You can find songs, exercises, video, audio and midi files right in the lessons, right on the page. In-Depth Guitar Lessons are designed to remove the difficulties of the computer so that you can spend your time learning more about the guitar.

In-Depth Guitar even has a built in browser so that you can check out the latest online without having to leave the program!