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This is a new forum for anyone to ask anything they want about music theory. One question a week will be posted with its answer. In addition to the answer, I will have some exercises and examples that can be played in the Tonart Guitar Tutor. If you don't have a copy, download a full working demo (3 week trial period).

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Guitar Theory Lesson 1 - Major Scales

Music Theory Lessons
Guitar Theory Lesson 2 - Intervals

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I'm tired of the 'Pentatonic Sound', what can I do? (#1)

Here are some basic but important ideas,
Major Scales

Links to other Music Theory Sites (usually it is good to get several different viewpoints on any subject. The combination of the different approaches usually helps one develop a more complete understanding of the subject.)
Introduction to Music Theory- A good reference page for music theory
Guitar Chord Encylopedia