In-Depth Guitar 2.0 is the latest offering from Tonart Music.

Screenshots from IDG:


In-Depth Guitar 2.0 uses the latest technology to help you learn guitar, or to notate your favorite songs.

Guitar Lessons
You can use In-Depth Guitar (IDG) to learn more about your guitar. The program is designed such that new lessons can be created to utilize the best materials available. Lessons in IDG can utilize tablature, audio, video and midi to help you learn.

Browse the internet while using IDG. There are links to the most common pages of the Tonart Website to help you find guitar information faster and easier.

Guitar Tablature
IDG is one of the premier guitar tablature programs around. You have complete control over both the graphics and the playback of your music. Plus, now IDG can show the standard notation as well. It also has multiple tracks and can use any tuning, from standard to Drop D to any open tuning you want. You can even create your own.

Practice Tools
I have also included a metronome and a countdown timer for you to use in your practicing. These are very useful tools and many tips on how to use them and why you should use them will be included.


Download a sample copy of In-Depth Guitar 2.0.  You will have 21 days to try out the program. The program is only $29.95 if you decide that you like it.

What is required to run In-Depth Guitar?

  • Windows 95
  • Internet Explorer 4.0,5.0 - This is needed to view lessons and use the browser.

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