Guitar Lessons for IDG 2.0

From Tonart:


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One of the major additions to In-Depth Guitar v2.0 is the ability to view guitar lessons from within the program. The beauty of computer-based guitar lessons is that the lesson can contain all forms of media, from text and pictures to tablature files to audio and video. This makes for a very complete approach to learning your instrument. No more hunting through the video or cassette tape and the booklet to find the exercise. It's all right here! There is even a menu item in the program that will bring you right to this page to view the latest in lessons.

Simply click on a link to a lesson to see a sample of the lesson and then download the lesson right into In-Depth Guitar.

In the coming months, you will see many guitar lessons, from both Tonart and other teachers from around the world.

TEACHERS!!  Create your own lessons!
If you are a teacher and you are interested in creating lessons to use in IDG, write us at for more information. Lessons can be created royalty free! Create custom lessons for your students, or create them to sell. Tonart will have webspace for people wanting to distribute lessons.

Many new modules will be created to enhance the learning curve.

In-Depth Guitar files (.ttb, .xrc) can be accessed from the page.

Videos and Sound
Both videos and sound can be included in a lesson to help illustrate ideas.